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I'm Lenny LionStar Marshal web master for CyberGothDating.co.uk Work as a filmmaker and Cinematographer for Gear 51 Supernatural Gears Cinematography and my Sonic Phantasm Space Rock band's web site is Supernatural Gears. I'm a Music Minstrel from the ancient Order Of The Blood Moon Clan Music Guild. The music guild dates back to the Dark Ages when Minstrels traveled through Northern Europe and England. The guild is now centered in Hex County, PennSYLtranceSYLvania. near Gettysburg. There are more ghosts than you can ever imagine there. I have them on tape. Currently I'm searching for the Mothman in West Virginia. Hope to get this creature on Tape. The creature once landed on the steel roof of my friends house and began pounding the roof. Bascially Blood Moon Clan Minstrels live life in the night on ghost hunting adventures and playing private boutique minstrel gigs. Currently in a Space Rock Phantasm Recording Unit working on a New Wave Cybergoth Punk musical for broadway working with a vocalist songwriter online from Japan who calls herself The Paranormal Pussycat. Sending music files online back and forth around the world with other musicians as they lay down their tracks and send back. It's an interesting project.

I think Cybergoth girls are the most beautiful woman in the world. So, I put this site up for Goths to hook up and find others that are interested in Cybergoths and other Supernatural beings.
Thought that maybe through this
dating site I could make a little extra money so I could buy some recording studio time to record new songs for an opera I'm working on and at the same time provide a service of love and do some good in the world. The world needs love now more than ever. It's free to join. Sign up for free and you just may find that perfect love match.
Let me know what you think of the site or if you have any suggestions Email me L.W.Lionstar Marshal

When dating online, posting a photo greatly increases the odds of meeting that special someone!
Len LionStar Lestat Maison Marshal - Minstrel of the ancient Blood Moon Clan Music Guild

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